Le Chateau de Ma Mere Conclusion

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Marcel Pagnol- Le Chateaux de ma mere

Discuss the reasons for the sudden change in the conclusion of the book

“ Le chateaux de ma mere” by Marcel Pagnol is a memorable, enjoyable text in which the story takes an abrupt turn at the conclusion of the book. Pagnol utilises the majority of the text to develop the story of months and a series of events, however he majestically creates a sudden change in the final components of the book which span a period of decades. It is not solely the series of events that turns, the atmosphere and ambience of the text alters to a sombre and dark mood from the happy one that preceded it. In doing this, Pagnol grabs the attention of the reader and entices them to question why he has done so and the significance of his alternations.

The text tells of happy times, of joyous occasions that span over one specific year in the Pagnol family’s life. From the strong bond of friendship that is formed between Marcel and Lili to the enjoyable encounters with the Count on sunny days the story predominantly tells of pleasant times. The series of events within that year in the text conclude with the Pagnol family having conquered the oppression and threats of the guard of the famed last castle and thus the reader believes the book is concluded on a pleasant note. However in the chapters that follow the book plunges into tragedy and darkness.

In the final two chapters we discover certain details about what happens to the Pagnol family. Pagnol creates a dark mood as he explains the horrific events that shook the very foundation of his family and ultimately had a detrimental effect on his attitudes to life. In these final chapters he gives very few words to major events in a short space of time we discover of the death of his mother “ cinq ans plus tard, je marchais derriere une voiture noire”. Not only this, but he tells of Paul and how ‘ a trente ans, dans une Clinique, il mourut.’ This hammer blow only adds to the one that preceded...
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