Video Report Video “Nanospace: a Voyage Into Ultra-Microscopic Worlds – Part 1: the Atom Revealed”

Topics: Electron, Scanning tunneling microscope, Electron microscope Pages: 4 (1422 words) Published: March 21, 2012
GEK1509: Introduction to the Nanoworld
Short Project Report I
Done by: Nguyen Huy Anh – A0088386L
NUS Business School

Nanoscience and nanotechnology is an area of science which study the behavior and manipulating objects on atomic or molecular scale. This is a relatively new area of science, which only emerged in the past 40 years, since Richard Feynman’s famous lecture “ There are plenty of rooms in the bottom” in 1959. This area surely brings many challenges, but at the same time opens limitless potential and opportunities in every aspects of human life. The video “Nanospace: A voyage into ultra-microscopic worlds – Part 1: The atom revealed” is a fascinating story telling a brief history of nanoscience and scientists’ endless efforts to travel to the nanoworld. This inspiring video gives me a clearer imagination about the nanoworld, as well as several life lessons. I realized that nanoscience and nanotechnology have a significant impact on every fields including mine - doing business. The word “nanoworld” is not a new term to me. I have learned and read about it since my days in high school. However, my imagination and impression about it were quite abstract. I pictured the world on nano scale as chaos, because I thought that it is not possible for billions of atoms to work in some kinds of orders. Therefore, I am astonished of how Mother Nature works. Everything has its place. It is amazing that electrons, which can move at hundreds meters per second, can stay within the orbital of a 10-14 m atom. Diamonds and graphite are essentially the same in nature – carbon, but a difference between the arrangements – sp2 and sp3 hybridization – is all it needs to differentiate a luxurious jewelry from a humble pencil. Nature forms crystals in a similar way as an architect creates a building, layer by layer. The difference is: nature builds everything perfectly on a molecular scale, where the tiniest mistake can make the whole system collapse. We are so proud of...
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