Video Games Parabola

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Andrew Goodman
Pre-AP Algebra 2
Coach Crowder
February 22, 2013

When thinking of video games you don’t think about math at all. The two things just seem so far apart that they can’t be together. In all reality video games are filled with math. Parabolas are more common in video games than most people really notice. As mentioned before Mario is one of the most popular games ever to be created. When created it looked like a simple game about a plumber trying to save a princess, but when looking closer at it you can see the apparent parabolic curve in his jumps and how it changes in as he changes. As time countless games used parabolic curves in there video games, so many that it probably would be impossible to count. Angry Birds is another game that uses parabolic curves as its main use of action. The uniqueness of Angry Birds though is the ability to change the curve to almost any form that is useful to the player to accomplish any goal that is set in front of them. This game has proven to be popular and has received many sequels just like Mario did. It is apparent that the combination of these two things together, video games and parabolas, become very popular and sell very well. Even one of the most popular gaming franchises now, Call of Duty, uses parabolas in many of its gameplay from mortars to grenades. Even in decorations for maps like rainbows and banners you can see the curve apparent. The need for parabolas in video games is to make them realistic which is what people always want.
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