Victorian Paragraphs

Topics: Social class, Victorian era, Victoria of the United Kingdom Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: June 11, 2011
Victorian Paragraphs

Immigrants and Natives Living in Canada

No matter where you lived, your social class always stayed the same, which was unfortunately the case for immigrants and first nation’s people in Canada. Immigrants coming to Canada were hoping for one of two things: their own land, and freedom of class. Most new immigrants to Canada were from Europe, but mainly Ireland and Scotland. The living conditions were the same in Canada as they were in Europe. The poor stayed poor, and the rich stayed rich. When the Europeans came to Canada, the people and the Government pushed the first nations aside, and forced them to adjust to European ways. The government also tried to make the first nation’s rent out the good reserves to the new settlers. For the immigrants moving to Canada, there was virtually no change in their social standing, and unfortunately for the first-nations it was a huge step backwards as they had to give up all they had worked for.

Victorian Attitudes and Values

Victorian attitudes and values were modeled after that of Queen Victoria. Victorian people thought they were superior and overall better people than everyone else, thinking very highly of personal modesty. They were very proper in the way they cared themselves, and dressed. Women wore long dresses that covered the ankle’s, with high collar’s and apron’s. Men wore long black jackets with high stiff collars, hat’s, and ties. The way you dressed often represented your social status, which is why people of this era took the way you dressed and carried yourself so seriously.

Science and Medicine

The discoveries of science and medicine during the Victorian era were very important, but none more important than Louis Pasteur’s discovery of the bacilli. The bacilli was a tiny organism that caused many diseases, and sometimes death. Another major discovery was that of the germ. Before germs were discovered, doctors took no care in sterilizing tools or rooms while...
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