Victim Blaming

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Aspects of VictimologyH. Corriveau

Indent ½ inch. It was interesting to read that the originally term “victim” ‘was connected to the notion of sacrifice” and was defined as “a person or animal put to death during a religious ceremony”. (Karmen ) When I read that fact, I immediately could envision a horrific event set back many centuries ago. Today the term victim has expanded and branched into numerous definitions and scenarios, all of which pull at the heart strings. No extra space between paragraphs.

Indent The job of a victimologist, in my opinion, is one that requires a tough heart and the ability to be strong at all times. Having to be directly involved with the victim at the very beginning is important and imperative in order for victimologists to do their job and gather the necessary information and/or research required to assist the current victim and help future victims. I think the job of a victimologist is extremely important, very difficult and incredibly essential to society. Without victimologists, victims would suffer even worse than they do and not be able to receive the help they need to move forward in life after they are victimized. No extra space.

IndentAlthough I found it difficult at times to read and view videos of incidents where individuals were victimized, I found the information useful and educating. My future career goal is to work with juveniles in probation or as an advocate and I know without a doubt most of the juveniles that are in the system are victims of some sort. Any information or knowledge I gain in this course that will help me gain a better understanding of what they are going through and how I may help them brings me one step closer to making a difference in a juvenile’s life.

References References (centered)
Karmen, A. (2010). Crime victims, an introduction to victimology. (7th ed. ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning. This is supposed to remain the same Times New Roman font and size 12....
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