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جـامعـة الشــارقـةكلـية الآداب و العـلوم الانسانية والاجتماعيةقسم اللغة الإنجلـيزية و آدابـها| | University of SharjahCollege of Arts, Humanities and Social SciencesDepartment of English Language & Literature| GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION|

Course title| English For Academic Purposes|
Course number| 0202112|
Prerequisite (if any)| Meet UoS TOEFL or IELTS requirements| Co-requisite (if any)| ---|
Type| URC |
Credit hours| 3|
Semester/Year| Spring 2012/2013|
Teaching/learning methodologies| Lecturing, Group discussions, Problem solving, Independent Learning| Course Instructor|
Name| Adnan Al-Bustanji |
Office No.| W3-210|
Telephone| 06-5053361 |
Office HoursW3-210| Sun.| Mon.| Tues.| Wed.| Thurs.|
| 08:30-09:3012:00-13:00| 09:30-10:30| 08:30-09:3012:00-13:00| 09:30-10:30| 08:30-09:3012:00-13:00|

Course description|
This course focuses on academic reading and writing skills, including extensive work in reading comprehension and retention. Students will practice identifying topics, determining the main idea of a text, recognizing the supporting details of a paragraph, recognizing authors’ writing patterns, and understanding new vocabulary through context clues. Emphasis is given to the rhetorical structures of the argumentative essay.|

Course outcomes|
Learning Outcome| Domain: cognitive, affective,Psychomotor (skills)| Assessment technique| 1. Determine and formulate a topic, main idea sentence and major supporting details of a paragraph.| Cognitive| Class discussion, text-book exercises, written exam| 2. Recognize Authors' Writing Patterns| Cognitive| Class discussion, text-book exercises, written exam| 3. Determining Context Clues and identify meaning of new vocabulary based on such clues.| Cognitive/Skills| Class discussion, text-book exercises, written exam| 4. Write clear and effective topic...

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