Veronica Bundrage

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Diversity Analysis
Veronica Bundrage
ED7014-Leading Diverse Schools
Capella University
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Table of Content
Demographic and Background Information Diversity Theories
Human Relations Needs Assessment Instrument
Organization Analysis and Assessment
Conclusions and Growth plan

Apple Tree Elementary Public School is located in the eastern part of Georgia. It is the only elementary school in the county. It has a population of 451 students. The school administration consists of a principal, an assistant principal, guidance counselor, and an academic coach. The teaching staff consists of 24 classroom teachers, 1 special education teacher, 3 inclusion teachers, and 1 librarian. ATES serves Pre-kindergarten through 5th grade students. The school has been operating since 1986. The population of economically underprivileged students in the school receiving free lunch priced meals is 100%. The disaggregated data, subgroup of special needs students is N=63. In spite of disaggregated data, the students obtaining their education at Apple Tree Elementary School feel safe to pursue their interest as a legitimate member of the school.

Demographic and Background Information
The population of the county is 73% African- American. The population of African-American students accounts for 97.85 % of the student body. 1.43% of the student body is Asian. 0.86% of the student body is multiracial, and the remaining student population 0.86 % is Caucasian. The student population does not consist of any other races. ATES serves 42% females and 58% males students. For the last three years, Apple Tree Elementary School has faced several dilemmas. Due to the economy, parents of ATES students had to relocate to find work or move to other areas due to the request of their employers. As a result, the student population has decreased. The abovementioned challenge is difficult to address, but ATES has taken this challenge and, on the contrary, looked at it positively. Fewer students mean smaller class sizes. Smaller class sizes enable teachers to work closely with students and address their identified weaknesses. Apple Tree Elementary School’s mission is to produce lifelong learners who can compete globally in a multicultural society by enhancing the skills necessary for students to reach their maximum learning potential. ATES is dedicated to an instructive program of distinction where all children can learn and be successful. ATES emphasizes high standards and prepares all students to reach their maximum goals. Excellence shall be the standard achievement. Grounded with equity assures all students have equal access to educational opportunities and resources. ATES provides a quality, curriculum that meets all students’ needs. Learning experiences are provided that assist each child to enhance in reaching their greatest accomplishment. The foundation to develop each child’s capability in basic knowledge and skills will participate entirely in a diverse society. ATES is committed to implementing a curriculum that is very beneficial to our students and instructional staff. Apple Tree Elementary School provides the students with an environment that emphasizes respect, self-discipline, and responsibility. It is a reliable, compassionate environment that enhances positive behavior and individual self esteem. The students of Apple Tree Elementary School are considered to be unique people of value, with the prospective to become a successful citizen. It takes a village to raise a child is a motto that is often used at ATES because it is necessary that home, community, and the school are working together in order to build academic excellence. Family and community involvement is vital to student success. ATES is faithful to sustaining an vigorous partnership with all stakeholders to ensure that students’ achievement is one of the main focal points. The ATES community...
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