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Romantic Selections

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

The questions below refer to the selection “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment.”

____1.In the beginning of the story, the characters are alike in every way except one. It cannot be said that they — |a. |are all unhappy with their lives |c. |are all old and frail | |b. |have all wasted their youth |d. |have all been famous and respected |

____2.What happened to Dr. Heidegger’s fiancée?
|a. |She ran off with another man. | |b. |Dr. Heidegger magically imprisoned her in the mirror. | |c. |She married Dr. Heidegger but died soon after. | |d. |She died before they were married. |

____3.What is the strangest object in Dr. Heidegger’s study? |a. |The mirror |c. |A small round table, as black as ebony | |b. |A large book of magic |d. |A beautiful cut glass vase |

____4.Hawthorne builds suspense by —
|a. |not explaining that Dr. Heidegger does many strange experiments | |b. |withholding information about Dr. Heidegger’s wife | |c. |not revealing at first why Dr. Heidegger has called his friends together | |d. |misrepresenting each character’s background |

____5.According to the narrator, what does Dr. Heidegger give his friends to drink? |a. |Water from the Fountain of Youth |c. |Bubbly spring water | |b. |Rare old wine from his cellar |d. |A magical potion he has cooked up |

____6.From the guests’ reactions to the drink, you can infer that they — |a. |sincerely repent their past misdeeds | |b. |are greedy, vain, and selfish | |c. |have learned not to trust Dr. Heidegger, because his experiments rarely work | |d. |appreciate Dr. Heidegger’s efforts on their behalf |

____7.What do Dr. Heidegger’s friends resolve to do the next day? |a. |Live better lives because of the lesson they learned | |b. |Make fun of the infirmity of old age, especially the doctor | |c. |Apologize to Dr. Heidegger for doubting his genius | |d. |Immediately set off for Florida |

____8.How long do the effects of the drink last?
|a. |A few minutes |c. |A year | |b. |A day |d. |Forever |

____9.What lesson does Dr. Heidegger learn from his friends? |a. |People don’t learn from their...
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