Vehicular Pollution

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Vehicle Pollution


Urban areas - both developed and developing countries, this predominately mobile or vehicular pollution that contributes to air quality problems. All motor vehicles exhaust fumes coming out of the tailpipe when the engine is running mostly through the air pollution issue. Tailpipe emissions of vehicle engines burning fuel, the products are emitted from vehicle exhaust system. Vehicular pollution is the worst thing about that as vehicular emissions at ground level to where we are emitted in the breath can not be avoided.

Causes of vehicular pollution
• High vehicle density in Indian urban centers.
• old vehicle the predominant old vehicles.
• inadequate inspection and maintenance facilities.
• predominance of two-stroke two wheelers.
• Adulteration of fuel and fuel products.
• Improper traffic management system and road conditions. • High levels of pollution at traffic intersections.
Effective mass rapid transport systems and inter-city rail network • absence. • High population exodus to urban centers.

Pollution generated

Major pollutants emitted include:
O Hydrocarbons: this class is made up of unburned or partially burned fuel, and a major contributor to urban smog as well as being toxic. He liver damage and even cancer can be. O nitrogen (NOx) Oxides: These are generated when nitrogen in the air, high temperature and pressure conditions inside the engine to react with oxygen. NOx emissions contribute to both smog and acid rain. O Carbon (CO) Monoxide: a product of incomplete combustion, carbon monoxide reduces the blood's oxygen carrying capacity and is dangerous for people with heart disease. O Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of carbon dioxide as its role in global warming is a growing concern as a greenhouse gas than is apparent. O particulates. micrometre-sized particles.

O sulfur oxide (sox) sulfur, mostly sulfur dioxide and oxides...
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