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  • Published : April 22, 2014
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Global warming is one of the most challenging environmental problems today. It comes longer and more intense heat waves. National borders have no meaning for the atmosphere. The damage of the atmosphere makes harmful elements enter and travel around the world. And now, people are worried about the global effects of air pollution. Research shows that the earth’s atmosphere is changing in ways that could be destructive to our life. Pollution could be a major cause of this. One of the pollutants that is causing the greatest concern is carbon dioxide. It is released into the air when coal or petroleum is burned. Carbon dioxide has always be a part of our atmosphere. However, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere greatly increased. This is the result of an enormous increase in the amount of coal that burned for fuel. At the same time, the earth’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide has greatly decreased. Absorption of carbon dioxide occurs in area of the forest, but those areas are rapidly disappearing because of forests are cut down. The carbon dioxide making the sun’s heat more intense and the temperature of the earth would be increased. Such a temperature change could be dangerous. Some area on the earth could become too hot and the water level of the ocean would rise because of the melting of polar ice. The industrialized areas are releasing more carbon dioxide into the air. A global disaster can only be avoided by a global solution. We need to think globally. We need to look beyond on our own borders at the needs of the earth as a whole. We must plant a lot of tree and use the transportation only when we need it. We must protect the forest to avoid it from illegal logging. This may be the ways to clean up our atmosphere and prevent the disastrous change.

NAME: Alin Dhany Kartika
St. ID: E1D 011 004
CLASS: 4A (Reguler Pagi)



There is nothing new about people cutting...
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