Vehicle Security System

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Gsm Based Portabel Vehicle Security System
Gsm Based Portabel Vehicle Security System

This project is made for the purpose of vehicle security. Project is based on the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM).This project is designed for the immobilizing of the vehicle by GSM mobile phone.

The project consists of a circuitry with Microcontroller AT89c51 (MCU) and GSM modem in a vehicle and a GSM handset for Owner. The circuitry is constructed on the base of MCU which is assembled with Max-232 for the interface between MCU and GSM modem. Max-232 is a level converter used for the interface between the TTL and non TTL devices.Max-232 act as a bridge between the MCU and the GSM modem. Relays are used for the activating and deactivating the alarm and the locking system of the vehicle doors.

A serial communication link is developed between the MCU and GSM modem. A connection from the starter of the vehicle is connected to an input interrupt pin of the MCU. When there comes a security breach (i.e.   Someone tries to start the car) a signal is sent to the MCU telling that someone is stealing the vehicle.

If there comes such a situation, then through an intelligent program (running in the MCU) a message through GSM modem is sent to the Owner asking for the vehicle control or activation of the alarm. If answer is negative then after receiving the message, MCU will automatically turn on the alarm and will lock all the doors of the vehicle. If Owner allows, then vehicle can start.


              Today science and technology has so much emerged in our daily life that we are Incomplete without its advent. The modes of communication are also changing as the technology develops. From a land line telephone to GSM wireless technology and then the Intranet. Today GSM technology other then communication can be implemented in other security task as well.

Due to technology the remote control access has moderate the common person life...
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