Topics: Meat, Nutrition, Vegetarianism Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Vegetarianism: To Meat or Not to Meat
Vegetarian Diets Modern Western society has placed an emphasis on "healthy living." A well-balanced diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle habits; such as not smoking, moderate alcohol use, and preventive health care, are all very important to physical well-being. In their quest for a longer life and increased happiness, Americans have made great strides towards a healthier lifestyle and, in particular, an improved diet. The amount of people becoming vegetarians these days is growing and they are becoming vegetarians for different reasons: health, ethical or moral convictions and environmental or economic problems. Today’s medical experts say that avoiding meat helps you avoid saturated fat. They have found out from studies that women who eat meat daily have a fifty percent greater risk of developing heart disease than vegetarian women and a sixty-eight percent greater risk in men (staff writer). People may not know about serious diseases meat can obtain such as, mad cow disease and foot-and-mouth disease. The main thing you have to be careful about is the risk of protein deprivation. The lack of meat in the diet needs to be substituted in other ways. Vegetarians need more vitamins and minerals, like calcium, which they can find in soy products, they also need more Iron and Zinc. When children are vegetarians they do have a greater risk of protein deprivation compared to adults, as long as they are following a doctor approved vegetarian diet, there shouldn’t be any problems. A research has shown that the nutrition we get from vegetables is not enough for a normal person’s body system. For example, the sufficient protein necessary for our body functioning every day cannot be gained if we only eat vegetables. Consequently, unbalanced diet can lead us to muscular issues and even neurological problems. Meat is full of valuable nutrients that human bodies need. It is possible to replace the iron and protein lost when meat is...
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