Vapor Pressure and Enthalpy of Vaporization of Water

Topics: Thermodynamics, Pressure, Vapor pressure Pages: 4 (908 words) Published: February 4, 2012
Vapor Pressure and Enthalpy of Vaporization of Water
Emily Toy
Lab Partner: Zack Ronnei
Instructor: Ms. Olsen, AP Chemistry
Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to find the vapor pressure of water at temperatures between 50oC and 80oC.

1. Take a10 mL graduated cylinder and fill it with 7 mL of water. 2. Next fill a 1000 mL beaker ¾ full with water.
3. Cover the graduated cylinder by putting your finger on top and place the cylinder in the 1000 mL beaker. Make sure the graduated cylinder is under the surface of the water. 4. Measure the difference between the height of the water in the graduated cylinder and the height of the water in the beaker. 5. Record the barometric pressure.

6. Heat the beaker until the water is about 80oC and record the temperature and the volume. 7. Cool the beaker until the temperature reaches 50oC recording the temperature and volume every 5oC. 8. When the beaker reaches 50oC add ice to cool it to 0oC. Record the gas volume and temperature.


|Atmospheric Pressure |770.5 mmHg | |Height of Water above Gas |50 mmH2O | |Temperature (oC) |Volume (mL) |

|80 |103 |
|75 |100 |
|70 |95 |
|65 |92 |
|Temperature (oC) |Volume (mL) |
|60 |83 |
|55 |75 |
|50 |62 |
|3 |12.5 |

|Temperature (oC) |Volume (mL)...
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