Topics: Property, Graffiti, Victim Pages: 3 (823 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to the honourable judges, the ever trustworthy timekeeper, teachers and fellow friends. Today, I am going to talk about vandalism among teenagers and its effects. I am sure vandalism is a widespread problem that infuriates both the public and the authorities. All of us must have experienced, witnessed or even committed vandalism at least once in our lifetime. But, what is vandalism? According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia in the internet, Vandalism is the conspicuous defacement or destruction of a structure or symbol against the will of the owner or the governing body. In other words, vandalism destroys the property of others or the public’s. Most of the experts in sociology and psychology highlight intentionality, destructiveness, and property ownership as the criteria of vandalism. This form of destructive behavior is thus motivated not by profit but by other factors. Cohen (1984) suggests that acts of vandalism are motivated by anger, boredom, catharsis, erosion of already damaged objects, or aesthetic factors. In other words, vandalism is so annoying. It is a Mindless destruction that serves as mindless entertainment. For example, the willful destruction of a car window for no obvious reason gives the vandals possibly a few seconds of entertainment. They do not consider, or feel empathy for the loss or inconvenience of the victim. This is because they feel envy, or want to show recklessness. Maybe they want to be accepted or to show bravado in gang cultures. Or it could be because of dissatisfaction with the victim or society.

Who are the offenders?
Those who vandalize are typically young, male, and acting in small groups. They are roughly 12-15 years old, and become less frequent as the students reach upper secondary school.

Many vandals are not good academically and may have been truant, suspended, or expelled. They have a poor understanding of their...
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