Van West

Topics: Problem solving, Hierarchy, Boss Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Melvin Bahrain
Professor G
Case 1
1. What are the underlying cultural issues contributing to the problems? In this case the cultural issue is that Van West didn’t speak Spanish that well. Gonzalez actually spoke a little bit of English, so they could communicate. However, if Van west would speak better Spanish, then it might have solve a lot of problems even quicker. Furthermore, both Hernandez and Van West grew up differently so they had different visions of approaching problems with workers, and production issues. Van West was looking for solutions with enthusiasm, while the other thought that everything will solve by itself.

2. What should Van West have done when he first came to Mexico? In my opinion everything what he did went pretty well beside one thing. He shouldn’t let Hernandez take care of things while he was getting comfortable. I think he should start looking out for the problems right away to solve them a bit earlier. Hernandez is the person who said that the place where they both work does not have that performance that Van West got used to back in Taipei. Also, when he heard about the strike possibility he should act immediately to try to prevent it. It is also a culture issue, some people need some time to adjust to place and they work better, but some of them can start hard work right away. 3. How should Van West deal with Hernandez? Address the role of the boss in Mexican culture. Address the relationship between superiors and subordinates. I think that Van West should be more assertive towards Hernandez. They became friends, which affected the workplace. I think that Van West was just too nice about Hernandez, and he couldn’t tell him what was wrong or what was right. Van West should have more attitude of a boss while he was talking to Hernandez in a business place. Of course it is hard to act like a boss toward friend, but lets face the reality. It is work, and one has to be professional in what one does for living....
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