Values of Life

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Running Heading: Values of Life

Values of Life
Grand Canyon University
March 11th, 2012

The values in life are the things we learn from childhood; they are behaviors we learn from our parents and environments growing up. They develop our basic beliefs and how we actually behave in any given situation. The following paper discusses the principles, rules, and moral decisions discussed in class this week. Important Ideals

According to our class notes, moral ideals encourage action that prevents or lessens harm. This would include preventing pain, death and/or disability. To achieve this goal, morality or the systems people use to make judgments has to be followed. Some of these important ideals include religion, family values, and rules. Religion and family values are very important because they determine our basic beliefs and influence our decisions in many circumstances. For example, moral ideals can warrant violating a patient moral rule without the patient’s consent in an emergency situation provided it saves the patient’s life. Worth

In today’s culture, worthiness is sometimes measured by one’s accomplishments and the judgments of others, yet to me, worth is a self-judgment. According to Vince Fox “Your worth is not contingent on your performance, degrees, trophies, possessions, titles, money, behavior, or the judgment of anyone but you. And even you cannot judge it: you can only recognize it. Your worth is intrinsic to you as a human being distinguished from all other forms of life.” Thus, as a believer in a certain faith, my worth transcends the mere human. It’s part human, and partly divine. Important qualities

Moral values play a big role in determining important qualities in one’s life. This is because the things that we learn as children influence our adult behavior. Thus, religion is one important quality to possess because God fearing persons are obligated to behave in a...
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