Great Expectations and Rabbit-Proof Fence Speech

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Great Expectations Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Good morning ……. My question to you is “Why are our morals and values such an integral part of our life?”[PAUSE]. Well the answer is that it defines who are and what we want to be in life. We strive to express our identity in the search for belonging to the places and the people we desire to be with but as we all know, life can throw unexpected events in the times of struggle between ourselves and our loved ones. * Why do we always seem to return to the people that matters the most to us? Is it because for some reason they are a part of our DNA, our blood and our identity? What happens if we lose this part of our gene, what will become of us? Sometimes in life, we lose our morals and values without even knowing it in an attempt to examine our capability in society. In Great Expectations, Pip attempts to discover his potential to be a gentleman to be fit enough to be with Estella who he desires very much. This hungry desire is demonstrated through the use of negative connotation by Dicken to show Pip’s state of mind. “She said I was common, and I knew that I was common and that I wished I was not common”. The repetition of the word “common” is used as a reinforcement of Pip’s negativity of his identity as his view himself as an ordinary human, not distinctive enough to be with Estella. Pip is like a strand of grass in a farm paddock where there is one distinct tall tree. He wishes to be the tree where he is different from all the grasses around him. Wouldn’t we all want to be different?? Pip’s relationship with Joe defines Pip’s identity as who he is in life just like me and you with our loved ones. However, as a result of Pip’s search to fit in the upper class, Pip’s relationship with Joe (the person he loves the most) weakens to the point where Pip loses respect for Joe. “I wanted to make Joe less ignorant and common, that he might be worthier of my society” shows Pip’s depreciated view of Joe in society. Joe is regarded as worthless and...
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