Values and Attitudes

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In this assignment I will talk about a moment that has impacted on my nursing practice, and also speak about values and attitudes. I have chosen the value of non-judgemental and an attitude of recovery from the Te Pou booklet and talk about how this is incorporated in my nursing practice. Values and Attitudes

Values and attitudes are what guide us throughout our lives. They are learnt Moment
Jonathon had been discharged from hospital. This was my second visit to see him. He seemed to have settled in well at his new accommodation, sharing a flat with one other service user. I explained my role of being his key worker, visiting him every week and also one of the ACT team nurses would administer his intramuscular injection. We spoke briefly about some goals and objectives Jonathon would like to achieve and set some boundaries. At the end of our conversation I arranged a time to meet with Jonathon, he replied “I like it when you come and visit; no one comes to visit me here”. This was the beginning of our therapeutic relationship. Recovery

What is recovery? According to Mental Health Commission, recovery means to be able to live in the presence or absence of mental illness. There are several principles associated with recovery, however I am a beginning practitioner and whilst these principles can go quite deep I understand that I am working at a more superficial level. The principle I have chosen is hope. In order to connect with service users I understand that we have to provide and maintain hope, and that change is possible. Mary O'Hagan, a service user has compared what recovery means to service users in New Zealand and the United States. Evidence from my clinical practice has enabled me to understand that recovery is a unique journey to the individual. The recovery focused model was incorporated by the government in 1998. I acknowledge that my service users’ journey to recovery is complex and that his thirteen year history began...
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