Value Proposition of Maruti Suzuki

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In Light of Your Analysis Of Your Existing Value Proposition And What You Have Learnt In This Module Produce

Maruti is India's largest automobile company. The company, a joint venture with Suzuki of Japan, has been a success story like no other in the annals of the Indian automobile industry. Today, Maruti is India's largest automobile company. This feat was achieved by the missionary zeal of our employees across the line and the far-sighted vision of our management. The Company Mission:

To provide a wide range of modern, high quality fuel efficient vehicles in order to meet the need of different customers, both in domestic and export markets.

The Company Vision:
We must be an internationally competitive company in terms of our products and services. We must retain our leadership in India and should also aspire to be among the global players. Their focus is on:

Building a continuously improving organisation adaptable to quick changes •
Providing value and satisfaction to the customer

Aligning and fully involving all our employees, suppliers and dealers to face competition

Maximising Shareholder's value

Being a responsible corporate citizen
At Maruti, they have a clear perspective on manpower. They see it as a unique resource, in the sense that optimal productivity of other resources depends largely on the way human resources are utilised. The basic philosophy of management that

underlies the Maruti culture is that all employees of the company should be moulded into a team which then strives as one, to achieve commonly shared company goals and objectives. To make this philosophy tenable, the Company takes several initiatives. Inputs are sought from employees at all levels. They believe that everyone should contribute to the formulation of company policies, goals and objectives. Secondly, at Maruti, they encourage leadership in the best sense of the word. According to us, a leader is one who must be impartial, must have the ability to rise above his own subjectivity, and, most importantly, must practice what he preaches. They understand that the process of creating a sense of belonging that all employees can identify with is a lengthy one. To ensure that this translates into concrete reality, they have taken several simple but specific and well thought out measures. The first step in this direction has been the introduction of a common uniform for all employees. Another measure is the creation of a common canteen where all employees have lunch, stand in common queues, and sit on the same table. Common toilets, common transport and similar facilities for all levels of employees are other measures that reinforce their emphasis on genuine equality in the workplace. At Maruti They do not believe in the notion of organisational hierarchies. As a matter of fact, the management structure and systems in Maruti have been designed to promote decentralisation of authority. Maruti has a horizontal management structure with only four functional levels of responsibility to facilitate quicker decision making. Another focus area of the Maruti culture is the maintenance of a smoothly functioning communication network. Maruti believes that communication channels between labour and management cannot simply consist of having a labour representative on the Board of the Company. They have faith in the ability of labour to effectively participate in management and make constructive suggestions. To encourage this, they ensure that there is a thorough dissemination of information at all levels, through newsletters or via a letter from the Chief Executive to all employees. Meetings with the Union are held regularly, and programmes being contemplated by the Company are discussed with the Union. The Sahyog Samiti, a [pic]

collection of representatives of non-unionised employees, training programmes in Japan, Quality Circles, productivity-linked incentive...
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