Valentino – a Passion for Chocolates!

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  • Published : May 23, 2012
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Valentino – A passion for chocolates!

Investment Plan for Valentino

Final Draft 8th October 2011

Editor: George Position: Director of Valentino Employee No. 12114331

To become the best chocolate & gift company in the industry!

Valentino – A passion for chocolates!
1 Background of the Valentino
Valentino Chocolate has been producing Italy’s finest chocolates for more than 30 years. Valentino chocolates are made in Turin, they are luxury products with a unique taste, and have won many international awards. During the past ten years, Valentino has expand rapidly .It now has almost 300 employees,75 company-owned shops, and a turnover of 90 million. However, in the last two years, sales growth has slow down and cost have risen. This has caused a fall in profits.

2 Product Categories
Today, Valentino Chocolate are making over 30 different quality chocolates, with respect for tradition and a passion for taste. Here is the chart of Valentino’s main products.

To become the best chocolate & gift company in the industry!


Valentino – A passion for chocolates!
3 Difficulties we are facing
Considering the continued slowdown in profit of Valentino, Marketing Department has made an earnest and thorough investigation

We need optimize technology process to improve efficiency and enhance products quality. We must motivate the staff's enthusiasm for their job and expand the market as soon as possible.

4 Problem-solving Methods
Consideration for the expand and long term development of Valentino, we believe the investment in productions, sale and market is the most effective way to help Valentino out of mass , promote staff’s work motivation, and become an international business. WE BELIEVE: Market-oriented and quality products are our guidelines. Velentino can continue to grow, but only it develops new products and finds new markets.

5 Objects
To solve our current problem and enable Valentino to become a competitive...
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