Valedictorian Address

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The amounts of minutes in an hour never change, and time is as steady as it was 13 years ago, but despite it’s unchanging Yet to most of us, it seems the clock keeps ticking faster and faster. The funny thing about graduating is that, it is a time of such conflicting feelings and emotions. We are excited and full of anticipation for the future. Eager to begin new adventures meet new people and visit new places. Thrilled to leave this chapter behind us, and dive into life after high-school. At the same time though, graduation is a sad and scary time. For the last 13 years of our life, school has been our reality. And for many of us, as this year we have 25 lifers in total (one of the largest lifer groups MEI has ever had), MEI specifically, has been our reality for the last 13 years. MEI has been the place we return to day after day, year after year. It has been 13 wild years of growing up, working hard, having fun, being young and crazy, often making mistakes and learning from them, sometimes feeling bored or lonely or insecure, but in all of that, finding that these years that we have spent together have held so much joy and laughter and beautiful memories and even more beautiful relationships. Graduation marks the end of a chapter, in a way that is so final and absolute. And I think many of you are asking the same questions as me: Why does everything have to change? Do I really have to say goodbye? Am I going to lose all these people in my life? And to answer the questions: Change is inevitable; it is a part of life. I know, that doesn’t change the fact that it is scary and uncertain. But remember that things often end so that new things can begin. Change is necessary for new beginnings and start of better things. And yes, we really must say goodbye. It’s sad to move on. But goodbyes were never supposed to be easy and hard goodbyes simply show us how much we have loved the thing we are saying goodbye to. And finally no, you will not lose all the people in...
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