Utilizing the Internet

Topics: Toilet, Time, Family Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Utilizing the Internet
Heather Wille
Rasmussen College

Author’s Note:
This essay is being submitted on January 20, 2013, for Alicia Loeffle’s D132/CGS1240 Section 06, Computer Applications and Business System Concepts course.

The internet impacts my daily life by keeping in touch with friends, family, and co-workers from past to present on Facebook. It helps me interact with family that lives in California, Texas, Colorado, Owatonna Minnesota, Florida, and even close family that lives 60 miles away. I am very close with my Aunt, Janet Diaz, in Texas. She works as a stylist at JC Penny Salon, and is very outgoing. Yes even though having friends on Facebook, they are just a face to a name. I truly only have three girlfriends that speak with me and hang out with my family and I. I can lean onto my Aunt for advice, and just shoot the wind with till I fall asleep. Co-workers, (laugh out loud), you always want to be in contact with them no matter if you are the greatest friends or just talk here and there. It amazes me how much people change over a short or long period of time! I am always on either www.google.com, or I am on www.ask.com. When I have been told about information, I write it down and jump online when I have time to study as you might say! As a new family, and mother, I always worry if my son gets into something he shouldn’t. Ha-ha, the last time my son got into Crayola colors with-out me knowing as when he was a year and half years old. I was so worried and scared I didn’t know what to do. Immediately I went to www.ask.com, asked “Is Crayola Colors Crans Toxic to a Baby?” I was in a sie of relief when a paged popped up of doctors, statistics, and other mothers saying they are not harmful if ate, and keep an eye on their bowl movement. Being a new mother there are things I learn every day from my son, nothing is the same when day to day things change. With Johnathen being almost to three years old, I have been lingering around that site...
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