Using Stories in Elementary School Counseling: Brief, Narrative Techniques

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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Article Reaction #6

Using Stories in Elementary School Counseling: Brief, Narrative Techniques

According to this article, narrative counseling is based on the principle that peoples real life problems and experiences can be turned into a short story. The belief that if a student talks about their life events repeatedly in the company of a counselor/social worker creates the opportunity to identify other ways they can show positive behaviors; while keeping them encouraged. I can agree with that to an extent. I think that it depends on the situations that are being focused on. I think that this counseling technique fits best with addressing unwanted and unnecessary behavior that the student has control over.

In the article, the authors support using original stories made up by the student, children books. I agree with that as well. Since I do character education with pre-k, kindergarten, and first graders, I’ve discovered that books develop the skills of empathy; which helps students process thoughts, feelings, and actions better. There are four techniques identified, which are: biblio-narrative, displaced communication, biblio-counseling, and using video clips.

I found that the examples used when to apply biblio-narrative and displaced communication counseling were very helpful. I would consider using these techniques not only for grieving students, but for children who are physically and sexually abused. These styles can all be combined, so that the oral and written story coincide with physical items that represent people, animals, places, and things. My only question would be knowing which way the narrative would be started, orally or written. It seems like Biblio-counseling, is based from the previous techniques mentioned earlier. This technique just gives more ways to go into deeper depth, when using children books.

The last technique mentioned involved using movie clips; which is also called cinema-counseling. I always use movie...
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