Using an Anonymous Current Client or One You Have Worked with in the Past, Apply the Methods Discussed in This Module to Their Case and Discuss What You Think Could Have Been Achieved.”

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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“Using an anonymous current client or one you have worked with in the past, apply the methods discussed in this module to their case and discuss what you think could have been achieved.”

In this essay I will utilise the case of M.E. to explore the possible theoretical achievements the implementation of Transactional Analysis (T.A.) and Gestalt approaches might have facilitated. Focusing on each therapeutic approach in turn, an analysis of the issues of M.E.’s case will be explored in terms of application of the two approaches and the possible resultant outcome. The case of M.E. comprised that of a 56 year old female who living with her husband. The legacy of her childhood and subsequent challenging adult experiences, encompassing personal relationships, health and self-worth, resulted in M.E. feeling overwhelmed, dissatisfied and feeling physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. M.E. came to therapy being unsure how to address the various issues in her life in order to find more positive ways to assimilate life changes, focus on her own needs and be able to adopt a healthier attitude during what she felt was a time of personal change. For the purpose of this essay a synopsis of M.E.’s issues is as follows. First of all she presented with relationship issues which focused predominantly on her sister and her husband, as well as more generally, in terms of dealing with authority figures and clients. Low self-esteem and low self-confidence were also impacting M.E.’s life. She felt unable to speak her truth and verbalise her needs. Menopausal symptoms, coupled with adrenal fatigue, had demonstrated to her the need to focus on herself for the first time in her life. Finally a lack of clarity as to where she felt she wanted to go in terms of personal progression and achievement was another factor. “Transactional Analysis is a social psychology and a method to improve communication. The theory outlines how we have developed...
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