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Topics: New Deal, Great Depression, Unemployment Pages: 5 (2000 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Impacts of the Great Depression on the United States

The United States of America, A strong nation, has gone through many difficult times. s and forever changing society. Yet is was not any better agriculturally, due to the major impact the dust bowl had on the farmers and their land. In result from the Great depression many programs were created, to bring order into the American economy and help Americans regain their faith and trust once more. These programs included Emergency Banking Act/Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Civil Works Administration (CWA), Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) of June 1933, stricter banking regulations to prevent bank failures, Federal Securities Act of May 1933/ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) / Agriculture Adjustment Administration (AAA), Works Progress Administration (WPA), Farm Security Administration (FSA), Social Security Act. These programs indeed helped ease the tension of the Great Depression, but there programs did not just carry the positives, but had negative impacts as well. Before the Great depression life as an American was great the Roaring Twenties brought prosperity and joy to the lives of many. Not only was the lives of the American citizens prosperous, but the U.S economy was great. The people showed faith and trust in their government and economy. The U.S had a growth in consumer goods mass producing these goods to supp their clients. Mass production made technology affordable to the middle class Americans, product included movies, radios and the automobile, these products had a massive increase in purchases. With theBut most cannot compare to the great depression. The Great Depression did not only effect the economy but, had a strong effect the the lives of many Americans, such as a high unemployment rate, many loosing their homes, loss of faith in the economy and bank mass production of the automobile came the widespread and the demand for highways, gas stations, car dealerships and suburban homes. The mass production of radios also proved to be revolutionary providing the first mass broadcasting, this proved to be a strong importance leading to the pop culture of its time. But radios were still expensive. The U.S was also socially improving, granting women their right to vote, giving them the equality they fought for, but it was not just women but the minorities. Minorities were being treated much better than before given fair treatment, something they were not used to. Yet not all was good, with signs of a depression soon to hit. Things began with the U.S adopting new immigration laws. 1The American immigration act of 1924. limiting the amount of people who immigrate from Europe, prohibiting and immigrants from Asia and citizens of India. Along with the Immigration act, the U.S adopted a new amendment, the eighteenth amendment, Prohibition from manufacturing,importing, sale and export of Alcohol. Despite the good intentions of the prohibition, it soon caused many problems in the U.S, such as a huge increase in organized crime and an increase in bootleggers. Sympathizing with the American people the U.S, the president at the time period, Warren G Harding, did all he could to try to prevent the U.S from entering a depression and prevent the on going stress arising throughout the U.S, he did this by trying to reduce the national debt,protects the farmers interest, cut back on immigration and reduce taxes. But during his term as president, Harding passed away, leaving Calvin Coolidge, the vice president, the opportunity to step up to becoming the next U.S president. During his presidency Coolidge reduced the taxes on the wealthy, in belief that their raised tax rate was slowing down the economy, Coolidge also consistently blocked any attempts at government intrusion into private business. Despite his Best efforts the U.S still entered into a depression. Coolidge did his...
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