Top Hospital in Winston-Salem

Topics: Wake Forest University, North Carolina, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Israel Tellez
Mrs. Gottfried
English III
February 22, 2013
Top Hospital in Winston-Salem
Can you believe that one of the nation’s best hospital is in Winston-Salem? How exactly did it got here? The history of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is interesting, considering when and why it arrived to the city of Winston.

The Baptist Hospital was founded after the Bowman Gray School of Medicine was founded in 1902. Bowman Gray School of Medicine was established on the campus of Wake Forest College in Wake Forest, North Carolina. The hospital itself was established in 1923 as a community hospital in Winston-Salem. About 12 years later, 1935, the founder of Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Bowman Gray, passed away from a fatal heart attack while in a cruise with his family. In 1939, a trust fund of $750,000 is established in Bowman Grays’ will, to move the medical school from Wake Forest to Winston-Salem and to make it a four year institution. Eventually Wake Forest University located to Winston as well. Even though Bowman Gray passed away, it was a good rise for the Baptist Hospital.

The foundation of the hospital step up after the relocation to Winston in 1941. The medical school was relocated to the grounds of the Baptist Hospital. Between the years of 1942 through 1944, Baptist Hospital adds new programs to train dieticians, nurse anesthetists, and X-ray and medical technologists. This paved the way to become top ranking hospital in the nation. In 1943, the first graduating class of Bowman Gray School of Medicine receives M.D. degrees. Wake forest made it accessible for those how want to have a major in the medical field to be here in Winston then to go to a different college like UNC of Chapel Hill. Since Wake Forest is a very selective school, it will be ideal to live near by your house and go to school near by. The connection that I have with Wake Forest Baptist Hospital is that it's a hospital that I usually went to and that I would like to become a...
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