Uses of Statistics

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  • Published: December 14, 2011
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Uses of Statistics
August 2, 2011
Mike Janson

Uses of Statistics
The use of statistics has been proven to assist the understanding of information, data, in many ways. Statistical information is not just collected, but it is also organized and quantified, providing a clearer picture for further study. This writer will explain how statistics are used in my personal workplace, and describe aspects of the statistics used. Statistics in Personal Workplace

My personal workplace is what the federal government classifies as a skilled nursing facility, under the label of long term care. We serve one hundred and twenty predominantly elderly residents who are both long-term stays, as well as rehabilitative short-term stays. Statistics are used in many aspects of this field, from the reimbursement and payment systems, to the quality improvement measures we must and do depend on for assuring our care is of the highest standards. I will explain two types of statistical classification examples used in my workplace in the following paragraphs. Descriptive Statistic Example

The example of a descriptive statistic would be our Education impacts the quality of the services provided (Gambrill, 2000). At these times, and at times of organizational and personal planning for the future, accurate, and correct nursing decisions need to be made.

Inferential Statistic Example
My long-term professional goal is contingent on my goal defined above. It will not be achieved unless the short-term goal is complete. My long-term professional goal is to be an advanced practice nurse, in particular, a Nurse Practitioner, or NP. A registered nurse in this position, is “prepared for primary care practice in family medicine, women’s health, neonatology, pediatrics, school health, geriatrics, or mental health” (Venes, 2009). I believe I can make a greater difference in the lives of my clients, achieving this goal. Skills needed for this type of position, and advanced degree, are many. The NP may practice to a point autonomously, but must have the overriding approval and supervision of a physician willing to do so. Excellent communication and clinical skills are imperative to good outcomes. Similar to a physician’s care choices, a client’s life is impacted by decisions instituted by the NP, at the simplest to most complex levels. It will not be easy to achieve this goal. Right now, each class I pass, and in March 2012, the attainment of my bachelor’s degree, brings me closer to the start of this program. Local Master’s degree level NP programs extend through two years’ worth of full-time study, and will necessitate lifestyle changes that will impact my family’s lives for a significant period. Challenges and obstacles assuredly are faced during this time and can be expected in the pursuit of learning (Washburne, 1936). Challenges include the type of employment I perform during this period, payment for bills while engaged in full-time study and the potential change of residence to have better access for studying needs for a time. Personal Goals

My personal goals, though separate from my professional goals may be acutely intertwined and dependent on professional goals for achievement. My personal goals, both short-term and long-term, tend to be defined this way. Short-Term Personal Goal

My short-term personal goal is simple, and consists of showing my children the importance of meeting and overcoming challenges to achieve an educational goal. This will be accomplished with the conferral of a bachelor’s degree in nursing. My childhood was spent in a farming community, and education was not something promoted as a need, or a goal to be achieved. I have fought this engrained mentality for many years, and have determined not to pass this on to my children, or show agreement with it in any way. I want them to see education is worth something, it is worth fighting for and it does have rewards when achieved.

I have used my...
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