Uses of Biology

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  • Published : December 31, 2012
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Biology is a natural science concerned with the function, growth, structure, evolution and distribution of organisms. It is the science of life, involving the study of all living things ranging from the atomic to ecosystem level. Far from being a science restricted to universities and laboratories, the principles and findings of biological sciences have uses in everyday life.

Human Health
·When people get sick, they visit the doctor, who is a practitioner of medicine, the branch of biology that involves diagnosing, treating and preventing disease and other human ailments and injuries. Understanding how the body works enables doctors and nurses to heal and alleviate the suffering of their patients with drugs and other treatments like physiotherapy. Biological science has underpinned the development of vaccinations for preventing and eradicating disease as well as medications to treat conditions ranging from diabetes and epilepsy to rare genetic disorders. Hygiene

·Discoveries made through studying biology have helped mankind develop an understanding of germs and their effects. These discoveries have resulted in improvements in hygiene and sanitation that have become part of everyone's daily routine, including bathing, brushing teeth, washing hands and using flushing toilets. Products such as adhesive bandages, antiseptics and female sanitary wear have also resulted from these findings. Food preservation such as refrigerating is another outcome of the knowledge of germs gained through biological studies.

Human Use of Plants and Animals
·The knowledge gained through biology has promoted an understanding of how to grow plants, manage soil quality and conserve forests and other flora. Farmers rearing livestock as a result of animal husbandry and growing high-yield and disease resistant crops are further examples of how biology is used in everyday life. From knowledge gained through biological sciences the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries derive...
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