Bioethics: Ethics and Health Care

Topics: Ethics, Medicine, Health care Pages: 484 (175405 words) Published: January 29, 2013


Benedict M. Ashley, O.P. Jean K. deBlois, C.S.J. Kevin D. O’Rourke, O.P.

Georgetown University Press
Washington, D.C.

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Part I: Health Care Ethics and Human Needs 1 Bioethics in a Multicultural Age 3 Overview 3 1.1 The Emergence of Secular Bioethics 3 1.2 The Foundations of the Ethics of Health Care 1.3 Current Methodologies in Bioethics 9 1.4 Faith and Reason in Health Care Ethics 19 1.5 Conclusion 30 Ethics and Needs of the Common Person 31 Overview 31 2.1 An Ethics Based on Innate Human Needs 31 2.2 Jesus Christ, Healer, as Ethical Model 40 2.3 Character and the Major Moral Virtues 42 2.4 Prudent Decision Making 50 2.5 Moral Norms Especially Relevant to Health Care 2.6 Conclusion 60







Part II: Clinical Issues 3 Sexuality and Reproduction 63 Overview 63 3.1 The Meaning of Human Sexuality 63 3.2 When Does Human Life Begin? 69 3.3 Ethical Issues in Reproduction 73 3.4 Pastoral Approach to Ethical Problems Arising from Sexuality 3.5 Conclusion 89 Reconstructing and Modifying the Human Body: Ethical Perspectives Overview 91 4.1 Modifying the Human Body 91 4.2 Genetic Intervention 94 4.3 Genetic Screening and Counseling 98 4.4 Organ Transplantation 103 4.5 Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery 108 4.6 Experimentation and Research on Human Subjects 113 4.7 Conclusion 122 Mental Health: Ethical Perspectives 125 Overview 125 5.1 What Is Mental Health? 126 5.2 Medical/Surgical Therapies 130 5.3 Psychotherapies 136 5.4 The Christian Model of Mental Health 145 5.5 Ethical Problems in Mental Therapy 148 5.6 Conclusion 160 Suffering and Death: A Theological Perspective 163 Overview 163 6.1 Mystery of Death 163 6.2 Fear of Death 166 6.3 Defining Death 169 6.4 Truth Telling to the Dying 173 6.5 Care for the Corpse or Cadaver 175 6.6 Suicide, Assisted Suicide, and Euthanasia 178 6.7...
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