User Manual for Media Player Classic

Topics: Windows Media Player, Media player, File system Pages: 2 (264 words) Published: January 29, 2013
User Mannual for Media Player Classic:
Please find below the screen shot of the Media Player Home.

This is a application which is used to play songs or watch aa movi. Annimation images also can be played in this. Below are the basic funtions which are included when playing or using this application.

If you want to open a media file quickly this is the best option to be used,.  
Goto File select Quick Open File Select the necessary file from the given location. ( Refer screen shot below) also you can use “Cltr + Q”

If you want to open a media file by mannualy giiving the address or selecting the address from the specific location please use below method.

Select file open file browse the address of the file (also use “Cltr + O”) OK

Select the file by browsing as below.

We can always insert an DVD and make it play through the Windows media Player. It’s just a simple way of using it. Insert the required DVD into the DVD Rom and select as below.

Select fileOpen Dvd

If the DVD does not play as you select this we can to manually select the dvd location . Please find the steps as below. Select fileOpen Dvd select the dvd from the location. OK

If the required media to be played is saved on a portable device , please select “Open Device”

Select file Open Device

If the Media is located inside a directory, we could select it by selecting the specific directory as below.

Select the directory from below mentioned and select OK
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