Use of Language in the Myki Madness Article

Topics: Tax, Victoria of the United Kingdom, Public finance Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: March 19, 2013
‘Get tougher on myki madness’

The article ‘Get tougher on myki madness’ (Herald Sun, 11/12/12) uses language to impact on Victorian taxpayer’s and general societies view towards the Victorian government and how the smartcard system is costing around $1.5 billion which is more than four times what the original price was anticipated to be. The author uses styles of language to get across his opinion of the government.

The author of the article, ‘Get tougher on myki madness’ intimidates his viewers by using a convincing and powerful style of writing. The author does not try to sugarcoat the situation the Baillieu Government has bestowed upon Victorian Taxpayers by highlighting the advantages of the smartcard, but in its place focuses on how “nothing about the… smartcard has been worth the years of delay in its introduction” or the “burgeoning” cost of the system. The author daunts his readers by using formal and logical language and emphasizes how it is Victorian taxpayers who are facing a “further financial flogging.”

The author scares the readers by using the visual figures of the amount of money that has been used to create, keep running and further money that is needed for the smartcard system. He accentuates how the original budget has quadrupled to “$1.5 billion” and “more than $100,000 a week”. He instills fear by making it clear how myki is a lose-lose situation as it “would cost more to walk away,” but would continue to cost the public of Victoria large sums of money to keep running. His aggressive attitude and anti-smartcard vibe leaves a bitter taste towards the government to the readers as there are no positive outlooks in the article, and repeats how this is a collective loss.

The article is personified and inclusive to every taxpayer. It affects the collective population of Victoria and makes Victorians doubt their current government. The government is portrayed as completely insufficient and unreliable, as it cannot cope with a budget...
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