Use of Glucometer

Topics: Blood glucose monitoring, Diabetes, Student Pages: 4 (1015 words) Published: May 27, 2013

In this paragraph I would describe that event during mentoring a student on her third year in Endoscopy Unit. For the sake of confidentiality pseudonyms shall be used. I shall call him Mr D.

Mr D was a patient on Endoscopy having Gastroscopy. This gentleman has a history of Diabetes and an Insulin Dependent Diabetic. Called Mr D into the admission room to clerk patient in halfway through the admission. Mr D said he is not feeling very well. I stopped the admission asked the student to go and get me the glucometer machine from the recovery area. I checked Mr D observations all were in normal range. On the student return to admission room I asked the student if she had performed the blood sugar reading before. She replied, she had practice before as she was a third year student. As a mentor I am determined that she can undertake the activity and able to demonstrate the acceptable performance under direct supervision.

We collected the essential equipment. Before taking the device to the patient ,we checked the testing strips are in date, monitor and test strips have been calibrated together and internal quality control carried out in accordance to trust guidelines. To ensure accuracy of the result and patient safety.

The student explained to the patient and obtained consent for procedure. Prepared the patient and asked Mr D to sit down comfortably in the admission room (NMC 2008b,C).This will lessen any fear or anxieties of the student and Mr D. I ensure the student have washed her hands and put on gloves before starting the glucose check. This is to minimize the risk of cross infection and contamination (Fraise and Bradley 2009,E).The student took a blood sample from the middle of the finger of Mr D using the lancet which is in appropriate technique. She inserted the strip into blood glucose monitor and disposed of lancet in a sharps container. Applied gauze over punctured site to ensure Mr D safety (Wallymahmed 2007, C).The result...
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