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The United States Military

Sean P. Tiedemann
English II
Ms. C. Yost
December 15, 2011

Sean P. Tiedemann

Ms. Yost

English II

6 january, 2011

The United States’ current military is made up of five branches; Army,

Navy, Air Force, Marines (a division of the Navy) and the Coast Guard

(which reports to the Navy in times of war). Of these branches our

military head count was 1.6 million in 1995 . The total

available American manpower (number of males between the ages of

15-49) in 2001 was 71 million. Each of these branches of military

service relies on volunteers to fill the needs of the United States. An

alternative to the volunteer system the U.S. has now is the draft.

Simply stated, the draft would be a lottery type system that would

pick, at random, individuals to serve in our military. It is believed that

the draft would weaken our military by undermining the vital

cohesiveness of the units. With today’s new technology and daily

changing events, retention and training are believed to be the most

important personnel issues (USGC).

In order for our military to continue their dominance, it is realized that a common mission must be addressed. The development of operational concepts is necessary to assure successful operations. The current military platform calls for victory determined by attrition. Combat power is generated by increasing the timeliness of critical information to combatants, thereby limiting the enemy’s opportunity (Cohen, 1999). This initiative also allows U.S. forces to make rapid decisions with the utmost confidence. This information system delivers data to the troops best equipped to complete the task at hand. In theory, this approach will provide greatly enhanced land, air, and water attack and defense capabilities. The only downfall in this system is the possibility of overwhelming the decision makers with too much raw data. The information must be processed in an easily recognizable format so that sound decisions can be made. To ensure this happens, many new training exercises have been conducted to assist combat leaders in visualizing the data (MT Org)

Another aspect of operational concepts is technological advances. The U.S. military is the most advanced military on the face of the planet. The relatively low loss of life on our side of the battle proves that our technology is far superior to that of our opponent. Items such as; GPS (global positioning system), and MTS (movement tracking system) are being used by our ground forces. These new advances give combat leaders accurate troop position while giving the troops email and rolling map capabilities. This new line of communication, or network-centric warfare, or NCW, is believed to hold the key for a quick and decisive victory in our current Middle East campaign. This system makes it easier to track and attack military targets, and provides a command structure that is more resilient. This network allows our military to move at speeds far greater than anything we have seen in the past.

Communication is not the only advantage the U.S. military holds over our opposition. The Commander in Chief of the United States holds in his arsenal the most vast and devastating array of military equipment in the world. The U.S. Air Force has in its’ fleet, over 2,000 aircraft. The U.S. Army has over 7,000 tanks, making it the largest active ground force in the world. The U.S. is also able to boost about having the largest naval fleet as well. The Navy’s current battle force numbers 304, of which 270 are currently active. Constant upgrades, testing, and training are what keeps the United States military a step above the rest. Never was the truer than when the U.S. Air Force recently tested the Massive Ordnance Air Blast or Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) in Florida. The MOAB, weighing in at over 21,000- pounds, packs 40% more power than any of America’s...
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