US foreign Policy towards China

Topics: South China Sea, Military, National security Pages: 3 (748 words) Published: July 30, 2014
US Foreign Policy Towards China Essay
Joseph Deese
International Security Studies
Lesson 2
11 Jul 2014
Instructor: Dr. Bruce Bechtol Jr.

Air Command and Staff College
Distance Learning
Maxwell AFB, AL

US foreign policy towards China has changed over the last couple of decades from an international relations theory of realism and gravitated toward a theory of liberalism. That has changed within the last few years and the policy is trending back towards the realism theory when it comes to the US foreign policy towards China. Realism is the thinking that states need to survive by “keeping power, increasing power, or demonstrate power” and “military force is an essential foundation to [create] stability” (Ackerman, 2010). This essay will exam the realism theory the US has towards China. The National Security Strategy dated May 2010 stated the US wanted to “deepen our cooperation with other 21st century center of influence” to include China (Obama, 2010, 11). This was going to occur with “mutual interest and mutual respect” (Ibid). This thought was not shared by China. China has not condemned North Korea’s attack on South Korea and continues to tell the US to stop US naval exercises in the South China Seas (Auslin, 2011, nopg). China is building up its military forces with no threat (Ibid) which adds to the “long-standing mutual mistrust” between the US and China (Lawrence, 2011, 1). China had decided to not only focus on the US when it comes to their nuclear forces but also on the US capabilities, i.e. missile defense (Gompert, 2011, 53). This action by China has made the US reconsider their foreign policy towards China in order for the US to influence China’s behavior (Stolberg, 2010, 159). The US now has to put the security of their state as top priority for survival (Ibid, 162), a key point for realist. President Obama reiterated the realism theory for the US foreign policy when he addressed West Point in May of 2014. “President Obama...
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