The Ends, Ways and Means of Us Policy Towards North Korea

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  • Published : August 17, 2012
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The Ends, Ways, and Means of
US Policy Towards North Korea
Cynthia M. Lewis
Inter/National Security Studies
Lesson 8
22 June 2012
Instructor: Dr. Bruce Bechtol Jr.

Air Command and Staff College
Distance Learning
Maxwell AFB, AL
One of the security challenges facing the United States (US) is the US and North Korea relations. The US policy toward North Korea is diplomatic yet firm. North Korea is our longest standing adversary. Policy toward North Korea is one of the most enduring foreign policy challenges. In this essay I will discuss the security challenge of U.S. and North Korea, the theory of international relation, realism, how it illuminates this challenge and how the instruments of power can be utilized to address this challenge. The stability U.S. relations with North Korea are closely tied to how stable relations are between North Korea and South Korea. According to our lesson, North Korea threatens South Korea, Japan and economic ties through the region (Instructional Narrative, 2012, 8). A nuclear North Korea, armed with ballistic missiles capable of reaching Japan, represents Tokyo’s immediate challenge (Corin, 2009, 265). The instability of North Korea ranks among the most complex of contemporary challenges to international security (Przystup, 2009).

Since the end of the Korean War, U.S. national security interests on the Korean Peninsula have focused on deterrence of North Korea, defense of the Republic of Korea (ROK) if deterrence should fail, and support for Korean unification under the ROK. In addition to deterring North Korea, U.S. policy since the early 1990s has defined the denuclearization of North

The U.S. continues to work to maintain strong unity with South Korea, Japan, and other states with a vested interest in the future of the Korea Peninsula and the stability and wealth of North Asia. According to Corin, (2009, 268) it is North Korea’s attempted development of...
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