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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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The Evolution of Health Care
January 11, 2013

The Evolution of Health Care
Through the years healthcare systems have evolved all over the nation, one could say that it has changed from being somewhat primitive to highly technological. Gone are the days when one would have to search for a patients chart for hours, for their up coming appointment with their primary care physician or specialist, in order to ensure continuity of care. Today with a few simple clicks a patient’s information is readily accessible and care continues almost flawlessly.    Electronic health records also called Electronic medical record is now being implemented in almost every hospital and medical care facility across the nation. It collects and stores patients Health information over a period of time in any care delivery setting. It includes vital information on the patient like, demographics, vital signs, progress notes, past medical and family history, Lab data, immunization a and radiology reports. With this type of information it allows   authorized users immediate access and clearance to patient information in order to provide for knowledge and support and to enhance quality and safety of patient care.      EHR has helped to reorganize the workflow of providers and it helps to generate a complete record of a clinic visit and provide the patient with a summary of their visit for the day. It focuses on the total Health of the patient by allowing physicians from different hospitals and other medical care facilities access to a patients chart at anytime that they are under their care. The sharing of this data results in a more open involvement and communication in patient care.

It is believed that widespread adoption of The Electronic Health system will lead to major savings in health care costs, reduce errors and improve health. (Singh pg. 164) Many Practices are using this method to save time, which works out to be cost effective, for their practice. Many have...
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