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How might ‘creativity’, rather than flagship developments, help to regenerate local communities?| | | | | |
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Presently ‘creativity’ seems to be a cure-all for a variety of problems. Lot of research has been done on the topic of creativity and its role in different field such as creative cities (Landry, 2000), creative clusters (Mommaas, 2009), creative industries (O’Connor, 2010) and the creative field (Scott, 2010). Creative jobs have become a popular carrier option. In brief creativity has turned into a development tool. (McRobbie, 2010) It has been argued that creative cities attract creative class which can rescue the economy and will abandon communities together as well as regenerate local culture. Every area has its own requirement, culture and climate and it is necessary that urban areas are designed considering all these needs rather than following designs. This essay discusses how and why ‘creativity’ rather than ‘flagships’ are necessary to regenerate communities. Creativity and Cities

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Creativity has become a widely researched topic particularly in tourism and urban development. It is evident that cities can attract tourists by developing themselves creatively enhancing local culture rather than following infrastructure and urban designs of developed countries. Due to emergence of this creative economy mobility of people from one place to another is based on the attractiveness of place. Now, people make decisions to live instead of just moving to a neighborhood and planting roots there as was the trend in past. With the emergence of new creative economy, people choose where to live, (Florida 2002; 2005a. 2005b, 2006, 2008, 2010) Now a days, people are highly mobile and to “create a growth region, you need the kind of place that people want to come to and can easily get to, where they can lead the lives they want and express themselves freely” (Florida 2006: 26). It was argued by Florida that for economic growth cities must attract creative class. And for this purpose, communities must be able to offer creative jobs, attractions, and a night life. These things make a destination attractive for tourists too. Due to their attractiveness and creativity cities like Austin, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. have attracted tourists and creative workers to them while there are other cities such as Buffalo, Detroit, and Cleveland which failed to become creative centres so as to attract the tourists and creative class. This has been the reason behind success of Milwaukee and Austin as these cities have implemented creative strategies rather than flagships (Long 2009; Zimmerman 2008). Role of Tourism in City Development

‘The growth of ‘cultural tourism’ has been one of the major trends in global tourism in the past three decades and is still seen as one of the major growth areas for the future’ (Richards and Wilson, 2007:1)-Lecture 4, Eldridge, 2012) Cultural tourism is one of the five key tourism market segments among all these special interest tourism (World Tourism Organization, 1999a) which is growing at the rate of 10-15 percent per year. The cultural tourism is special interest tourism through which tourists learn and experience the past and present of the host community by visiting cultural heritage places like sites, buildings, arte facts, costumes as well as consuming social customs such as religion, cultural dances, cultural songs, cultural festivals and cultural ceremonies Creative Tourism

Tourism is has turned into an industry and a major source of income for tourism destinations. Increasing number of tourists is a call to focus on tourism. Now day’s tourists select a destination not just to seek a traditional sun, sea and sand holiday but they are looking for diverse places with variety of attractions. Tourism and community development have a...
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