Creative and Cultural Industries

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Creative and cultural industries

The term ‘Creative Industries’ was established in 1998 the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) the term was to acknowledge the contribution that creative content made to the economy. The standard classification of the creative industries used by the DCMS Contains 13 industries:

* Advertising
* Architecture
* Art and antiques
* Computer games
* Crafts
* Design
* Designer fashion
* Film and video
* Music
* Performing arts
* Publishing
* Software
* TV and radio.

Cardiff has a high level of employment in the creative industries, this is about 3.7and the national average is about 3.5. This is mostly due to major organisations, such as the BBC and HTV. Roath Lock studios open this year in the bay area. It is a 175,000 square HD ready studio that will produce four major BBc dramers Casualty, Pobol y Cwm, Doctor Who and Upstairs Downstairs. There is also TV. Production Company’s like Boomerang that creates entertainment for TV, Radio and the web. Smaller transaction particularly in publishing and media who provided to these key organisations. Cardiff also is preferred by companies in the sector for several reasons. Cardiff has a good image and a good work pool. Wales as a holl has a week proportion of people working in the creative industries and has just 0.52 of the pollution working in these industries. A league table of UK cites based on Ricard Floorida creative index 12 shows Cardiff in ninth position ( 2010)

The UK’s 10 most creative cities

1. Manchester
2. London
3 . Leicester
4.  Nottingham
5.  Bristol
6.   Brighton and Hove
7.  Birmingham
8.  Coventry
9.  Cardiff
10.  Edinburgh

It is challenging to accurately classify the creative industries because this list because it does not take into consideration its contribution to ideas in other industries. The small business sector is also mostly over looked. Any businesses below the £64,000 or has less than ten people employed mean that official data all too often not captured.

The smaller indepent art based projects are crucial. You can see how healthy the creativeness of the city and it can be measured by the verity and diversity of these projects. Milgi’s gallery on City road is a platform for local artist. Made in Roath is an art festival, work is displayed in public, commercial and domestic. The Cardiff arts institute was established in 2009. The concept was take the collective experience of all involved and create a venue to reflect this. The used shop project is not just Cardiff based but right across the UK, but it has been adopted in Cardiff.

* Photography does play a part in all these industries, they all need promotional material and photography is the obvious answer. All these industries have web sites and to display what they are creating or doing and photography plays an integral part. Photography also can stand alone as a fine art subject. In Penarth we have the only Photo gallery in Wales and even though this is not in Cardiff it is very close by and accessible from Cardiff. We have the ffotogallery based in Chapter Arts centre and Third Floor Gallery an independent gallery.

There have been various photospheres/ thinkers on the subject of the creative city I have chosen Richard Florida and Charles Landry. Florida has a much more humanistic approach to his wright compared to Landry. He talks much more about the individual and why they are drawn to one place compared to another. He tells a storey in his writing The Rise of Creative Class about a young man he had meet with spiked hair and tattoo’s. He was a talented student who had been offered a well-paid job. He was leaving Pittsburgh to go to Austin Texas and he wondered why? Pittsburgh was bigger it has a world leading center for research in...
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