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District Disaster Management Plan for Leh


I have great pleasure to release the Leh District’s Disaster Management Plan 2011-12. It is for the first time a full fledged Disaster Management Plan is prepared for Leh. It is the commitment of the District Administration to effectively deal with disaster in future so that loss of life and property is minimized to very minimum. The principle “well thoughtout plan is half work done” is very well followed in the preparation of this plan. In order to prepare the plan, inputs were taken from all the stake holders.

The role of a district administration always comes first during a crisis as it gets the first hand information. It has to react and respond during crisis and it has to initiate rescue, relief meausres immediately with the available resources. As most of the disasters which struck the district came without warning and hence a comprehensive planning is essential. Eventhough, it is not possible to prevent some of the disasters, its magnitude can be reduced to the tolerable level. In the preparation of the Plan, utmost care has been taken to include each and every detail which can come handy during a crisis keeping the past experience in mind. The objective of the preparation of the plan was to develop a holistic, co-ordinated, proactive strategy for the management of disaster through a culture of prevention, mitigation and preparedness to generate a prompt and effective response in the event of an emergency. In the preparation of DDMP for leh district, the guidelines given in the National Disaster Management Policy, draft J&K State Disaster Management Policy, template provided by the NDMA is fully followed.

I am thankful to the team of officers, headed by DR. B. BALAJI, IFS who worked tirelessly in bringing about a comprehensive District Disaster Management Plan for Leh. The Draft is revised and re-revised before it is given a final shape. I take this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders who extended their willing support and cooperation to our efforts. The present DDMP-Leh 2011-12 needs to be revised in the next year to update information and to make it more accurate.

Jai Hind
May 2011

Tsering Angchok, KAS
Chairman, District Disaster Management Authority
Deputy Commissioner,Leh/ CEO,LAHDC

District Disaster Management Plan for Leh


I am thankful to Shri. Tsering Angchok, Deputy Commissioner, Leh/Chairman, District Disaster Management Committee who gave the opportunity to prepare the District Disaster Management Plan (DDMP) and also provided me with a committee of enthusiastic officers as well as all kind of support for the successful preparation of the plan.

I am grateful to the members of the committee constituted for the preparation DDMP as without their whole hearted effort, preparation of District Disaster Management Plan in a short span of time is impossible task. I am particularly thankful to Sh. Tadbar Joldan, Asst. Labour Commissioner who took lot of efforts in collecting the required information from various departments. I am equally thankful to Sh. Moses Kunzang, PO, DRDA who lent considerable supporting hand in bringing about the comprehensive District Disaster Management Plan in a short span of time. I am also thankful to heads of various departments, Sr. Superintendent of Police, Leh Army, ITBP,NHPC,HCC etc., for providing the valuable information in a short span of time. The support of my department staff, staff of Deputy Commissioner’s office as well as that of Project Officer, DRDA in collecting information, typing, correcting the text, is also gratefully acknowledged.

May 2011

Co-ordinator,DDMP Prepartion
Divisional Forest Officer, Leh Forest

District Disaster Management Plan for Leh


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