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Emergency evacuation policy and procedures
HLTOHS300A Contribute to OHS processes
Element 5.Participate in the control of emergency situations 1. According to the regulations how often should evacuation drills/practice take place in the children’s services? * Every 6 month

2. How does the service record drills/practices?
- written and kept in a log book
- Record all the details including:
( Type of drills, the date, time, duration, number of children, meeting place of each drill, Comments , people who are involved ‘supervisor, director and staffs ) - Done by supervisor /director

- Records are kept for 2 years

3. If it is determined that the evacuation plan needs to be adjusted, how is this determined and documented? * Providing feedback after the practice
* Having a staff meeting
* Adjusted evacuation plan need to be recorded , noted and documented * Determined by staff then reviewed and implemented by centre

4. What strategies are used by staff to mange and remove the children during evacuation practices? * Firstly staff must have a well-practiced in place and familiar with the evacuation emergency plans in place. * Every staffs should be assigned and know exactly their role during evacuation practices * Make alternative arrangements for the care of the child a. Infants and toddlers

* Always high level of support
* Use special sounds or gesture to draw them attention
* For the older toddlers, we can group them together in a fun way (example: I say one, two, three then everybody come to me, let see who is the first one!) * Place them in a mobile trolley or cot and rolled out of the emergency exit in their room (Rolls should be checked every time children are moved)

b. Preschoolers
* During practice ,get them line up into pairs ,follow the carer out of the centre .One carer should be leading , another care should be following * Roll calling and check the attendance after that

Before the evacuation practices, carer can:
* Get them familiar with the signal will be used to alert during practice by showing them the alert videos, talk about when and how to be used. * Show them and teach them to read the sign
* Play games with them .Get them to practice lining up in pairs and holding hands * Teach them “stop , drop and Roll “ in a fun way
* Talk about watching out for their friends to them
* Lay out a evacuation diagram ,discuss that with them
* Involved them into role play or dramatic play ( for example: fire drills) * Use a story book to talk through the procedure and tell them what to do when emergency happened * Practices roll calling

* Visiting the place I will be evacuating to
* Establish the rule (Example: no pushing!)

Name: Lam Yuen Ying ( Cirko)
Student Number: 06170
Minimizing risks
HLTOHS300A Contribute to OHS processes
Element 1.Plan and conduct work safely
Moving Furniture
A. Response
* Ask for help if it is too heavy ,move together with other carer * Bend the knees
* Close to the table ,wave level to the table
* Prepare to move in a forward facing direction
* Hold the table firmly, close to my centre of gravity
* Wear comfortable clothing and covered flat shoes
* Prevent the back injury
Comforting the child
B. Response
* Kneel on a kneepad , get close to the child level
* Kneel or squat rather than bend down
* Avoid twisting
* Wearing comfortable clothing and covered flat shoes
* Prevent neck and back injury
* Able to comfort the child at his/her level
Using step ladder
C. Response
* Wearing comfortable clothing and covered flat shoes
* Use step ladder to reach high place
* Position the step ladder close to the place I want to reach * Position myself and keep both feet firmly on the step ladder * Do not over – reach
* Do...
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