Up in the Air

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Up in the Air—the thoughts of life



Up in the Air—the thoughts of life


A decent movie should trigger the audiences’ thinking about the value of their lives or be slice-of-life. It should be impressive and can help the individuals realize their needs.

The movie “Up in The Air” is such a movie that impress on me.

Ryan (George Clooney) works as a downsizer, and a commendable business traveler who is always being alone seemed more like a self-imposed exile.

Ryan had a dream that he wanted to accumulate his flying mileage to one billion miles so that he could get a VIP card from the Air Line. Maybe it was the motivation that supported him to travel around alone for so many years. Nevertheless, when the captain of the airplane handed the card to him, he was so calm. We may have the same experience that when we achieve the goal which is pursued by us for a long time, we just feel lost and confuse. At this very moment, after the journey of one billion miles, what Ryan should see is an end of exile where his wondering heart can take a shelter till the doomsday.

Through the description of the unusual life experience of an ordinary person, this movie reflects many people’s living conditions nowadays—just purse blindly and finally, they forget their first dreams and what is the most prominent and needed.

The actual action and the solid performances of the stardom add to overall of the movie in the same way.

Seeing an unadorned movie which is close to life, I can understand the others’ life experience which is invaluable to my life. Through this movie, I can enjoy it and the life simultaneously.

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