Uop Week 7 Check Point Other Uses for Power Point

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  • Published : June 20, 2012
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Check Point Week 7 Other Uses for Power Point

Write a 200- to 300-word response that answers the following questions: In his article from Computer Act!ve, Stevenson (2008) introduces an alternative use for Microsoft® PowerPoint®. List and explain the five steps to creating a basic Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. How would these steps differ if the presentation had a business orientation? What features should be emphasized and why?

Since the assignment is based on an article don’t forget to cite and reference the article which will be your source.

The five steps that this article states for creating a power point presentation are as follows: 1)Choose pictures or graphics carefully. These pictures that are chosen should be of the same subject that is being presented. You should limit photos to 20 per presentation. Limit animation and effects of photo presentation, in business presentations use a small limit of effects like fading and sliding away so not to take away from presentation subject but just enough to make appealing. 2)Using a photo album to keep the photos in order for the presentation. 3)Adding sound or voice recording to give the presentation a narration will keep the presentation going by making it seem to come alive with a clear voice. 4)Using notes feature will help a presenter who is giving the presentation a clear understanding of what each slide is showing. 5)Keep the narration simple and to the point. (Stevenson, D. 2008)

After reading the article this works for the everyday personal or classroom presentations but in a business presentation keeping the client interested and making your point clear is essential to either getting the job or selling merchandise to a new client. In the many years that I have used Power Point to create presentations I use a limited number of photos and more use of graphs and text blogs that used of simple movement in animation, along with a quick narration in the notes for the presenter....
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