Uop Eth/125 Week One Assignment

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet

Please complete the following exercises, remembering that you are in an academic setting and should remain unbiased, considerate, and professional when completing this worksheet.

Part I

Select three of the identity categories below and name or describe at least 3 related stereotypes for each:

• Race
• Ethnicity
• Religion
• Gender
• Sexual orientation
• Age
• Disability

|Category |Stereotype 1 |Stereotype 2 |Stereotype 3 | |Race |All black people are ghetto. |All Jewish people are tight wads. |All Middle Eastern people are | | | | |Muslim. | |Sexual orientation |All people who are gay have HIV |All gay men act girly. |All lesbian women act masculine. | |Gender |All women are emotional. |Women are meant to be house wives.|Men make more money than women. |

Part II

Answer each question in 50 to 100 words related to those stereotypes. Provide citations for all the sources you use.

What are the positive aspects of stereotypes, if any?

I personally think that there are very few positive aspects of stereotypes. The main reasoning being that stereotypes were originally based on negative actions. An example I would use as a positive stereotype would be: All Cheerleaders are peppy, upbeat, and outgoing. Another example would be: All dancers are extremely flexible.

What are the negative aspects of stereotypes?

The majority of stereotypes stem from a negative aspect formed toward a particular group of people. Most of these stereotypes can be hurtful because they can’t tend to be opinions that are not...
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