Complications of Intercultural Communication

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  • Published : January 31, 2011
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Complications of Intercultural Communication
This meaning of culture is used when academic discuss artifacts of the high culture and low culture. Culture can be best understood of it is broken up into four main categories. History and world view, including values, beliefs and religion, Socialization, including education, enculturation and personal growth, Language and Non-verbal communication. Culture is breaking up into a series of constituent, sometimes overlapping, parts in order to better understand hoe culture effects communication and vice versa, how communication can affect culture. Language is possibly the single most essential element of a speaker’s culture. Language may be used for several reasons, but there is general compromise that language has at least two key functions: an informal function and a relationship function. Cultural communication network are the informal channels of communication that are used to train new members into the existing culture. “Intercultural communication effectively requires us to be effectively informed about how to use verbal and non-verbal signals and to be open to checking our understanding with others in intercultural, and certainly any, communication contexts.” More over the knowledge of group as well as individual coordination is most significant to our understanding of how culture can influence one’s own and other people’s style of communication. Culture may have transformed since then due to progress in media, global travel and information technology. As an addition of ethnocentrism, stereotypes are one of the reasonable barriers to intercultural communication. “Stereotypes as the perceptions or beliefs we hold about groups or individuals based on our previously formed opinions or attitudes “Stereotypes can be either optimistic or pessimistic and as points out they help us to “make sense” of the world by categorizing and classifying people and situations we come across. Ethnocentrism is fairly normal to have...
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