Unwrapping Technology

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Dannel Montesano
Professor Singleton

Unwrapping the Technology Standards

The NETS-S (National Educational Technology Standards-Students) has specific set of standards set for grades sixth through eighth regarding the development of technology. Teachers can utilize their understanding of current technology to help students reach and master the NETS-S standards and become successful within the rapidly advancing technological world we live in. What types of technologies are available for teachers, what are the over-all standards developed by NETS-S for this age bracket, are they right on target with the age group, ? Today’s educators have an endless pool of technological teaching aids at their fingertips. The Worldwide web has put teaching programs, learning apps, downloadable content, and all manner of communication at the availability of everyone. This information is readily and easily accessed. There are electronic whiteboards, video creating and editing programs, Ipads, learning games regarding all subjects, and an endless pool of help and ideas that can facilitate teaching, learning, and communication. Teachers can utilize them all to help students reach each of the standards implemented in NETS-S. The standards for this bracket include creating videos that record and document school or community functions, gather data, use digital tools and resources, use information gathering technologies, learning to identify and solve computer problems, explore curriculum from perspectives of other cultures, evaluate and determine credibility of resources, and among other things engaging in online collaborative learning projects. All standards work together to create an informed student who has the basic tools needed to become successful in a swiftly advancing technological world. Among the many standards and requirements expected to be learned by 6th-8th graders almost all of them are right on the mark and can easily be implemented in the...
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