Topics: Classroom, Education Pages: 4 (1476 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Andre Samblanet
Professor Bey
English 101
22 November 2012
Evolving Classroom
America now lives in an age of ever advancing technology. Technology surrounds our lives and is connected to almost everything done today. With all this new technology arises the question, should classrooms also implement this technology? The answer is yes, classrooms absolutely should keep up with the advancing technology. Some may argue that it is not good for a classroom as it will distract kids or send them off track and hinder their learning. This is not the case as technology gives students and teachers a vast amount of resources, allows them to take this information anywhere, and allows them to communicate with ease.

Importing technology into the classroom now offers a substantial amount of information. With the use of internet students can surf the web and find information at their fingertips. The internet offers so much, almost too much. The National Center for Education Statistics says, “97% of public school teachers have computers in their classrooms, with 93% having internet access (Hett).” With computers in almost every classroom students can now access the internet and use it to help them with their school work. The internet is changing the way Americans think and learn. Students’ writing papers or doing projects now have access to information that they most likely would have never found in their thick textbook. A few key words and a quick Google search will bring up millions of websites with countless amounts of information. Students are not the only ones benefiting from technology, as teachers also reap the benefits too. Many programs on computers are used in the classroom. Microsoft PowerPoint uses slides to display information and is a favorite by teachers to give notes and lessons for the day. Teachers can also do away with bulky VCR’s and massive T.V.’s as most classrooms today are equipped with a projector. This means if a teacher wanted to show the class a...
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