Unwind (Human Rights) Essay

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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English IV
November 23, 2012

Human Rights Essay

Human rights are the basic rights that everyone should be allowed. But in some places, people are not so fortunate in earning their freedom and equality rights. The novel Unwind by Neal Shusterman discusses how if the parents or guardians of the children have the decision on whether they want to unwind the child under their care. The ages for children to become unwound are between the ages of thirteen through eighteen. As you read the novel they convince the legal guardian that it’s a good thing to let your teen to become unwound. For it helps the society in giving out body parts to the ones in need. The problem caused by human rights is evident in both literatures as well as in real life. The values of human rights are demonstrated when citizens from Tibet are having unfair trails when telling the government “More needs to be done to protect human rights...” (Bruce 1) The Chinese government has sentenced many Tibetans to prison for writing essays and making films that speak about “freedom for Tibet” In one of the cases that were reported, there was a seventeen year old girl who had “been severely beaten and sentenced to three years in prison for distributing fliers that called freedom for Tibet”. (Bruce 1) However in the novel Unwind, the teens have no human rights when it comes to becoming unwound because they have no say on what do with their body or even oppose. If the teens were to try and start some kind of protest they are more likely be killed or arrested and become immediately unwound. In addition human rights are evident in real life as well as in the novel Unwind by Neal Shusterman.

In addition human rights are also demonstrated when people have a choice on whether to keep living and be worth about $129,000 or most likely die. For most Americans in the U.S. will spend just about what they earn for a year, for surgeries that they are willing to...
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