Unrequited Love

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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Everyone eventually meets the man or woman of their dreams. Whether it’s online or in your local grocery store, everyone is bound to meet their perfect match. According to Harville Hendrix, the author of the article The Mystery of Attraction, he mentions that there are three theories that he has noticed or have looked more into and he also has his own theory. The three theories that he mentions are as follows: biological theory, exchange theory, and the persona theory. When it comes to his own theory, Hendrix states that of the conscious theory. Although Hendrix provides in depth detail of the three theories, I do not agree in those theories and therefore believe in Hendrix’ own theory.

The first theory that Hendrix describes is that of the biological theory, which means that women select men who are that of “alpha” qualities. They choose men who will provide for their future family or supply themselves with nourishment. Society makes men feel that they have all the weight on their shoulders and men are made to fulfill the manly duties. When I look for certain men, I choose men that have an attractive personality. Some people just choose the looks, but I focus more on the way he portrays himself in front of me and other people. My dating experience has been bumpy and slow these past years. I have only had one boyfriend and have learned nothing. As everyone always says that you always find your soul mate in college, I believe that to be true. As I have not found one yet, I still believe in that opinion. As I see everyone else going out with their boyfriends/girlfriends, it makes me feel sad. I was never much of a social person when it comes to meeting other people. Therefore, I do not agree with this theory because I believe that it is not all about choosing your mate on their physical traits, but more on their personality.

The second theory Hendrix explains in detail is that of the exchange theory. He clarifies that the selection of our...
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