Rethrical Anaysis

Topics: Student, International student, Entrepreneurship Pages: 7 (2584 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Dan Cheng
Professor Amy Salisbury
GEW 101
28 February 2013
Major Essay #1
I first read the Happy School Blog by Raghuram Sukumar after I had been in the US for a month. His blog is closely associated with college students, especially for international students. Sukumar wrote a blog for the international students who plan to study in USA. He claims to help international students with admission procedures and career planning. His blog has much useful information. This important information includes Test prep&exams, University selection, Admission, F1 visa, Life in the US, and Green Card. He relies on his own experience for credibility, and persuading the readers to hire him for career guidance if they need more personal advice. Obviously, his purposes are helping prepared international students for study in the US, also, to advertise his service. He argues that it's not difficult achieve academic and career goals if who make specific plans during each period. Sukumar uses a variety of rhetorical strategies to support his claims. First, he used logos. According to “Everything’s an argument”, arguments based on facts and reason are logos (Lunsford, Ruszkiewicz, and Walters 107). In one of his posts, he listed top 100 universities in USA. “Since many logical appeals rely heavily on data and information from sources, you’ll also need to examine the quality of the information presented in an argument, assessing how accurately such information presented, how conveniently it’s displayed , and how well the sources cited represent a range of respected opinion on a topic” (Lunsford, Ruszkiewicz, and Walters 109). In the end of this post, he said “If you search in Google for the University as keyword, you will find above top 100 universities – schools listed. Google used its search algorithm to rank the best universities in USA.” It shows that this resource is reliable. Sukumar’s page is logically organized. There are categories of topics on the top of his home page, like Universities, Jobs and career, Lifestyle, Money matters, Study in USA, etc. The drop down lists link to relevant topics, for example, if you click universities, the following are Application process, US universities by states, ranking, etc. The writer also used emotional appeal. “In analyzing emotional appeals, judge whether the emotion raised –anger, sympathy, fear, envy, joy, or love- advance the claims offered” (Lunsford, Ruszkiewicz, and Walters 105). These categories make readers, who plan to go abroad to study excited, because these specific categories can let readers find the answer to their confusion when click the link. His organization makes it is easy to use. I like it because I can find what I need quickly. Before I came to the US, I had the same problems about how to choose schools, knowing what expenses are, and how to apply a F1 visa. At that time, I acquired information from different websites, it was really troublesome. I had to open many websites at the same time, I always forgot which one I had looked through, especially when I find different reasons on one topic. I didn’t know which one is more reliable. Now, I only have to click his blog and then I can find everything useful to me. Sukumar used ethos. According to Everything’s An Argument, “When writers or speakers seem trustworthy, audiences are likely to listen to their argument and accept them. You can make an ethical appeal to an audience simply by proving that you know what you’re talking about. Or you can build credibility by emphasizing that you share values with your audience” (Lunsford, Ruszkiewicz, and Walters 34). Sukumar earns his credibility and reader's respect because of his knowledge, background and his own experience. First, when it comes to his background, he said he got Bachelor Degree in Computer Science in India, and Master Degree in Computer Science in USA. Now, he works as a software engineer. He has...
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