Unofficial Guide to the Iift Cv

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Unofficial Guide to the IIFT CV Form
Mind It!!
By a few Students 5th Jan, 2011 - version 1.0

DISCLAIMER: This document does not in any way represent the views of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) or of any person(s) associated with it in any capacity whatsoever.

Unofficial Guide to the IIFT CV form
General Suggestions: • • • Get everything verified from a peer or someone else before you submit your answers. It’s always better to have a second perspective. Please stick to the word limit. Neat handwriting and clarity of thought: very important. Sometimes the way you write matters more than what you write.

A Small Tip about Your “Name” For PI, in case you have a slightly unique name, or is the name of some famous or historically known person/character, you could try to learn a couple of things about the person/meaning etc. This funda also applies to anything else that is likely to catch the panel’s eye. For example, if you’re a BMM (Advertising) grad in a primarily engineering-background pool of applicants, expect that to be a talking point (and prepare well for it, just in case ;).

Q. 12 Give details of distinction/scholarship/positions held: • • Have certificates/any proof ready for all that you mention, otherwise its best avoided. Remember what all you did as an event organizer/club coordinator, it sounds more convincing when you can describe your roles and work fluently, without stalling and stuttering in between. If you have done any significant project/academic research outside of your school/college curriculum, then you can mention those here, especially if you received commendations for them. Keep relevant proofs handy.

Q. 13 Extra-Curricular activities You can mention all the events in which you participated, along with those in which you attained a rank, but there is no compulsion to fill up all the 5 points. If you participated in only 3 events, just fill those and leave the rest 2 empty, it won’t be an issue.

Q. 14 Languages: Write only those languages you are well versed in (i.e. nothing at beginner level).

Q.15 Details of computer proficiency Mention the hardware and software platforms you are comfortable with (Operating systems, productivity software, etc.). Any programming languages known or the knowledge of some particular software suite is worth mentioning.

Q. 16.1 What are your broad career objectives and how does IIFT fit in these objectives? This is the one question that requires the most thinking on your part. Give this answer a lot of thought, and write only those of which you are really convinced are your objectives, because then it’s easier to convince the interview panel. Even if you are not sure about the above questions, think about it now. But not having a hard set agenda at this point in life, especially if you are a fresher, is NOT a crime. But try to convey how IIFT would be helpful in figuring that out for you. Avoid trying to sound grandiose just to impress them, because they can see through that. If you can give timeline based objectives (in 5 years’ time, in 10 years’ time etc.), its good, but be ready with an action plan then. Go through IIFT’s media section in the website, see the kind of work it does, and try to relate your interests and strengths to those. Definitely mention an interest in trade, if you have it. You can mention your interest/competence in sectors like FMCG/retail banking etc. DO NOT mention HR Management. It’s not necessary that you should put in an answer with specific chosen domain (Fin, Marketing etc.)/ sector (industry like FMCG, Banks etc.). In case you do, make sure it is logical and be ready to back it up with sound explanation on how would you achieve it using your knowledge acquired in MBA. Even in case of a general answer (not sure of a career), you need not worry, just make sure that it shows your ambitions and passion for knowledge & success. A few generalised pointers you may include are: • • • • Work in varied...
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